I went again to Taman Botani Negara,Shah Alam or previously known as Taman Pertanian Shah Alam/Bukit Cherakah. When I started the car engine this morning the weather was good with a hint of a bright day ahead.
But 30 minutes later, it was windy with dark clouds all over Shah Alam. I went ahead though.
I arrived at the park around 11.00 am and it started to rain. It was either stay or go. After a few minutes of contemplating, I decided to wait.
After all, that is what I learn from photography.
Be patient.
So I waited and at 12 pm it stopped.
I brought along my speedlite, tripod and diffuser.
My mission was to learn about lighting and using tripod in macro.
Instead of renting a bicycle like the last time, I chose to walk and to my surprise I went even much further.

So here are the pictures.


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