I did my research on the internet,books and magazines. I studied pictures by macro photographers/enthusiast/hobbyist. One of a few things that I found is the shadow and the lighting in their pictures seems different from mine.
So I came up with these questions so that I can kick off with the analysis and experiments.

How to minimize shadows.
Do they use natural light? Then do they need tripod? If it is so,what about the risk of the subject move away when trying to setting up everything? What should I do to minimize the risk?
If they use flash, how they control the flash? What are the settings?
Then what about diffuser? Which type of diffuser is good? What material they use?
(NOTE: Need to check on website/blog – how to make DIY diffuser for 580ex macro photography).

My imagesĀ areĀ either out of focus, soft or wrongly focus.
So what did I do wrong?

3-Light. Exposure.
My settings is either too dark or too bright.
I need to learn about lighting as well. And how to distribute light more evenly.

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