I embraced changes in my life. It is good in some ways if you try to look on the positive side. Don’t resist too much. It is like when you are driving and suddenly you come across a road block. Do you force your way forward or do you try to look for alternative roads so that you will reach your goal.
It might cost you extra time,perhaps. But experience of trying new roads is invaluable. I am living a monotonous life. So little change won’t hurt.

After I moved back to my hometown by the end of 2012 (if I am not mistaken) slowly I loose passion in photography. There was so much drama in my life. I felt helpless and hopeless.

Then when I decided to take back photography in late 2015, my camera sensor and two of my lenses was infected by fungus. I almost gave up until a friend told me about her stock photo. She encouraged me to do stock photo. I was in debt at that time.

I had 25 cats at that time. Some of them was infected by bacteria so the treatment cost me a fortune. I had one FIV cat who had recurrent mouth ulcer which require me to frequently send her for treatment and due to negligence of one vet, she was having pyometra and recurrent bacterial infection. She had to undergone two operation in a year.

With all the problems I could not afford to buy another camera or buy a new macro lens. Forget to mention that my laptop broke down as well. It sap away all the strength I had. How to start when I have almost nothing.

That was when I suddenly remember the life journey of Saiful Nang the founder of candidsyndrome which I read from his book which was given to me by my friend ( the one who encouraged me to do stock photo). When Saiful Nang started as photographer he was nobody and he had nothing. But he started with whatever he had.

So I decided to do something about it. And on February 2015, I enrolled for basic stock photo class in Bangi which cost me MYR300 for one day session. It set me back about MYR500 including petrol and toll. I learned some basic.
When I got back, I send my camera to Shashinki for fungus cleaning. It cost me about MYR100++

And I started right away.

I am still struggling. Struggling in stock photo and struggling in life. This is my third month as microstocker. I am tired but I love every minute of it. I have to juggle between my job and my stock photo. I work 7 days per week. I read and learning about stock photo whenever I can. And to keep me sane I play Candy Crush Soda and Farm Heroes Saga everyday, hugs my cats everyday and laugh and joking with my family. I don’t have time to spend with my friends. Pity me.

Time is gold.

And time won’t wait for me.

The key to sanity is to think, act, read and talk positively.

How it begin? When everything in my life is negative including my account balance, I started to feel down. But I did not like that feeling so each time I feel bad and sad I tried to smile. Then later I started to feel differently. I started to think positive, encourage myself with positive words and started to see the positive side of everything. I tried to draw positive energy and try to avoid any negative energy in my life.
If I feel angry or disappointed, I tried to look for positive side of every situation. There is always two side of everything.

Negative thinking can drain your energy.
While positive thinking can boost your energy.

Let me put it this way.

Anger is negative energy. You spend one whole day for the shots and another half day for processing. You submit 100 images to stock photos agency. They reject 98 of it. You get angry. You go to your FB,Instagram,Twitter and spend your time complaining. Two hours later you get angrier and you cannot concentrate. All the creative ideas went away. At the end of the day you feel so tired. Probably someone you love got scolded and hurt along the way.

Change it and channel it into something productive.
They rejected 98 of your photos but they still accepted 2 of it. Spend your two hours to read the reasons of rejection and plan for the next shots carefully. Lay out plan and do some research. Think of another short project which you can do impromptu and spend maybe the whole hour and let the creative juice flow.
Believe me at the end of the day you will sleep with smile on your face.

So until then. Enjoy your life because life is too short to be wasted on something negative.

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