Housefly..not a robberfly

I got this one wrong in the beginning and I hope this time I get it right. It’s a housefly. Not a robberfly. This picture was taken at dusk. It was nearly 7pm and the light level was very low.    

Welcome 2012.. Happy New Year to All

Welcome 2012. And Good Bye 2011. A one whole good year. Thank you for giving me such wonderful memories. Thank you for all the good and the bad. Thank you for opening my eyes. Thank you for letting me open a new door. Thank you for helping me learn a lot of things in life. […]

His Name Is Snow

This is a tribute post for Salji. And also, Chichi’s first kitteh. Salji was on gravel road near our house back in Pontian. Little kitteh was at our Indahpura house. Pictures from a year ago to a few years ago. They are gone now, but still remembered. Pictures were edited by RenRen from Fluff-Fluff Creative.