Dragonfly at Taman Botani Putrajaya

Taman Botani Putrajaya. I meant to scout location for my next portrait shooting but I saw dragonflies everywhere around the pond. Fortunately I brought along my macro lens and Raynox. Dragonfly with 50mm+Raynox And here with 100mm macro lens+Raynox

Introducing Kismet

Her name is Kismet but we call her Semet, Cemet or Sumeto (スメ-と). She has defect which require her to undergone surgery when she is about one year old. Nevertheless, she’s a very active cat. Enjoy her adorable pictures!!

My first macro with natural light

I learn to use flash before I learn how to use natural light. This was my first ever experience using only natural light as a light source. It feels lighter without the bulky speedlite. But it’s harder to focus. I decided to shoot in RAW because it can retain more information than JPEG. So here […]