My first photo model shoot

It was in 2012 a month or two before I moved back to my hometown. It wasn’t really a photo model shoot with a professional or aspiring model. It was just me taking photos of my two friends. I wanted to test my 50mm lens and learned a thing or two on how to get sharp […]

Legoland Part 1

I got my Legoland annual pass. As a Johorean I was entitled to this new promotion from Legoland – only MYR 195 for annual pass. I went twice this month. Entrance.   Smiling rock ;P And then I went to Miniland..        

One year and two months later…

Whining won’t solve problems,right? In fact my life would turn to worse if I don’t stop whining and complaining. That is maybe why we should always associate ourselves with positive people and avoid mingle too much with negative peoples. I considered people who brag too much is negative people. People who talk a lot about […]

After a long break…

I always believed that things happen for a reason. Update Feb 2015 : Looking back to the only post I wrote in 2013, I now aware that I actually procrastinate too much and too long. Minutes become days, days become months and without realizing, it was  February 2015 and nothing much happening in my life […]