Jumping spider

Jumping spider is really cute.  I never get tired of them. There are so many types of jumping spider can be found all over my house, my front yard and my backyard from the smallest to the biggest. I love them all. Here are the pictures of them I collected over the months. But my favourite […]

Macro – Night Photography

Macro night photography is very rewarding yet challenging in it’s own way. Challenges that you might encounter during night photography: 1-Safety. Any gender should not take this very lightly. Treat this as the top priority on your list.It can be human, animal,weather or nature factor. Never go alone. Inform the authority if you plan to […]

Another trip another day another thing to learn

I am not a gifted or talented photographer. I am not even a photographer. But I am a hobbyist. I always  love taking pictures. I bought my first camera at MYR99 in 1999. My father was an estate worker and my Mom was a factory worker. We could not afford a camera. So when I […]

A DIY diffuser for my macro shot

My first DIY diffuser for macro. Simple but for starter I think it’s quiet good. Then improvise with added aluminium layer inside. When I bought the speedlite, they throw in small diffuser for free. UPDATED : April 15th 2012 I was busy so I don’t have time to update this. Here is my 3rd generation […]