Stop And Stare by One Republic

I love this song.  Stop and Stare by One republic. It was written by Ryan Tedder himself. This song  inspire me to explore new things in life and force me out of my comfort zone. Remind yourself that my interpretation might be different from yours. Here goes the lyrics. This town is colder now, I think […]

Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam

I went again to Taman Botani Negara,Shah Alam or previously known as Taman Pertanian Shah Alam/Bukit Cherakah. When I started the car engine this morning the weather was good with a hint of a bright day ahead. But 30 minutes later, it was windy with dark clouds all over Shah Alam. I went ahead though. I […]

MACRO analysis

I did my research on the internet,books and magazines. I studied pictures by macro photographers/enthusiast/hobbyist. One of a few things that I found is the shadow and the lighting in their pictures seems different from mine. So I came up with these questions so that I can kick off with the analysis and experiments. 1-Shadows. […]

Little bugs- they’re cute yet ugly

Macro is about details. Because of that it can help exaggerate your feeling and triple your fear. I love jumping spider with size so tiny and so cute that you wish some toy manufacturer will start producing jumping spider toy for you to cuddle at night. And. I hate worms. And larvae. And caterpillar especially […]


Yes, I went to Tanjung Piai. But 1. I forgot to charge batteries for my speedlite. AND 2. I forgot to charge battery for my camera. AND 3. I forgot to bring along my 18-55mm lens. BUT I brought along my tripod (that’s because it is always there in my car all the time). Yes. […]

Cotton Stainer

I found this bug in my parents’ front yard. It is called Cotton Stainer. They got their name from their habit of staining cotton fiber to inaudible brownish yellow. It belong to genus Dysdercus. According to articles I read, different sub genus has different features. I think this one might belong to sub genus Dysdercus […]

Housefly..not a robberfly

I got this one wrong in the beginning and I hope this time I get it right. It’s a housefly. Not a robberfly. This picture was taken at dusk. It was nearly 7pm and the light level was very low.